More free classes in December!


Pictured: A hardworking 3D printer at the MLK Library.

If you don’t want to wait until the New Year to start a new hobby, Erica Stratton will be teaching more free classes this month at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Here’s the full schedule:

December 3rd: How to Make a GIF

Have you been wishing you could make awesome animated GIFs just like they do on Buzzfeed? Well, wonder no more! This hour-long class will show you how to create your very own GIFs using Photoshop CS6 and Quicktime. RSVP here.

December 6th: Introduction to 3D Printing

During this hour-long class we’ll explain everything you need to know about how different kinds of 3D printers work, give demos of 3D design programs that you can use to create your own items, and finally show you how you can have your design printed in plastic by MLK’s 3D Print Crew! RSVP here.

December 17th: Designing Jewelry for 3D Printing

If you missed it last month, we’re teaching this class again! We’ll show you how to create a simple bracelet digitally using TinkerCAD, then walk you through the process for getting it printed in recyclable plastic by MLK’s 3D Print Crew. RSVP here.