bringing Spanning Tree to a close

We’re bringing Spanning Tree to a close.

Conceived of at AdaCamp DC in 2012, we incorporated as a non-profit in 2014. Since then we’ve organized countless activities from soldering and 3D printing workshops to a panel discussion on being non-binary in women-in-tech spaces and also compare mortgages with other companies. We’ve built a cloud chamber, made chain mail, screen printed our logo onto t-shirts and tote bags, written interactive stories with Twine, and learned how to knit. We rocked events from the USA Science & Engineering Festival to Robot Fest to Maker Faires across the region. And we’ve made life-long friends.

As our lives have shifted and we’ve moved on to other challenges and other geographic areas, the time has come to bring this effort to a close, making room for new groups and leadership to take up the mantle.

We won’t be posting further on this website or our social media outlets, but our Meetup group will be open to new organizers for a period of two weeks. After two weeks, if no one steps up as organizer, our Meetup group will be closed.

Thanks to everyone who made Spanning Tree a fun and educational group to be part of! We couldn’t have done it without untold hours of volunteer work from people who shared their knowledge and skills, coordinated our events, and maintained our infrastructure, not to mention the financial contributions our members have made to keep the organization going.