Learn to design jewelry for a 3D printer this Wednesday!


Tired of turkey prep and want to learn something new? Erica Stratton is teaching free tech classes at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library this month. She would like to invite all Spanning Tree members to participate in her next class,  “3D Printing: Jewelry Design”.

Erica will  show you how to create a simple bracelet digitally using TinkerCAD, then walk you through the process for getting it printed in recyclable plastic by MLK’s 3D Print Crew. The class is this Wednesday (November 26th) so be sure to RSVP now!

Photo: Simple Bracelet

Learn how to make an interactive story with Twine!

Twine logo

Come and learn to use Twine with us!

Twine is a program that allows you to create interactive stories without having to know code (check out Worm Industrial Revolution or Even Cowgirls Bleed). The stories can then be posted almost anywhere on the web.

HacDC will once again be hosting us for this four-hour class. You won’t need to know code to take this class, but it’s recommended that you bring a laptop so that you can follow along. Be sure to RSVP here!